Reason - Middle Child (Freestyle)

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Текст песни

Yeah, niggas been countin' me out
Huh, shit, I'ma bring change like the couch
No I'm not famous, successful or rich but I'm heading in route, uh
You could ask Top, he could vouch, wait
Fully loaded clip
I'm takin' aim at the doubt
Niggas gotta kill that nigga 'fore I spill that nigga
Like I'm bringin' in fish for the real bad nigga
Pops sold dope and I'm still crack, nigga
Lately I've been on wild shit
No slowing up, I can't even down shift
These niggas all cap like they holdin' down shift
Nah I ain't a killer but I done been around shit
Been it but ain't never on clown shit, facts
Rap like a fat heavy chick on a plank, bitch nigga I snap
Niggas ain't ill, bitch nigga I'm ups
Niggas want real, bitch nigga I'm that
Niggas steal souls just to get a lil' love
I don't need a kiss, not a hug
I don't gotta diss for some buzz
I just want a bitch with a butt
That's bigger than a nigga ego in the club
XXL Freshman comin' up
Nah I probably won't make it cause I ain't trendy as shit but
I ain't really trippin' but I'm kinda trippin'
I ain't really trippin' but I'm kinda trippin'
Feel like Scottie Pippen, I'm so overlooked but overbooked
Nigga flow cold as shook, I'm cold with hooks
Nigga money rose from roots to folded books
I'm in LA with hooks like Brandin Cooks
Fuck what a nigga said 'bout him
Fuck the competition, we can headshot 'em
I'm designer clothes lookin' so Gucci
You ain't heard of me but you read 'bout 'em
Life a cocky and conceited bitch
I ain't fucked yet but got some head out her
Niggas hatin' and I ain't worried bout 'em
They don't like me and that's their problem
Niggas been countin' me out
Huh, that's what we all know
Somebody tell Summer Walker that I don't need a date or a like
Baby, I just need a follow
So she just need dick, we could trade off
I'ma shoot my shot, hope it pay off
Go to work in it 'til I'm gettin' laid off
Get some head while a nigga watch the playoffs
Look, I just poured somethin' in my cup
It's just H2O, I don't sip no lean
I'm the great new flow
If it ain't REASON, then it ain't true so
Look, me and Wale did two crazy joints when we was at that Dreamville shit
Hope Cole send it to me 'cause they way too cold
Look, it's REASON

There you have it and shit
One up up for the progress
New music coming soon
New beginnings coming soon
You feel me, just tryna stan niggas through the rest of this 2019 and shit
Yeah, REASON, yeah, Soul
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