Quandale Dingle - The Race (Freestyle)

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  • Дата релиза: 1-06-2022, 08:47
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Текст песни

yeah, yeah, haha

goofy ahh uncle productions

aye i know i’m five years late [ha-ha-ha

you can’t fuck with me, i’m on a different level

phew, phew


money so big, niggas think i’m yeat

bitch you can’t compete

lil ho, get on your knees and lick the cheese

i’m finna get on your ass, you could call me pair of jeans

that girl, she came and sucked my dick, and she did it hella mean

yeah, they call me quandale

got to get to the green, i’m not talking ‘bout no kale

had to kick a lil bitch out, ‘cause she was fucking like a snail

man, i was just in jail

i was opening up mail