Maneskin - Supermodel

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  • Дата релиза: 9-06-2022, 20:46
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Текст песни

Alone at parties in a deadly silhouette

She loves the cocaine but cocaine don't love her back

When she's upset she talks to "Mare" and takes deep breaths

She's a 90's supermodel

Way back in highschool when she was a good Christian

I used to know her but she's gotta a new best friend

A drag queen named the virgin mary takes confessions

She's a 90's supermodel

Yeah, she's a master, my compliments

If you wanna love her, just deal with that

She'll never love you more than money and cigarettes

Every night's a heartbreak

Hey, don't think about it

Hey, just let her go

'Cause her boyfriend is the rock and roll

Savor every moment

'Till she has to go

'Cause her boyfriend is the rock and roll