Eminem - The King & I

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Текст песни

I roll up like the bottom of a tooth paste tube

Blue suede shoes, one missin' a shoe lace to it

Two new chains, you can call me 2 Chainz

Ropes hang like Hussein's noose (Woo!)

Yeah, they let the fruitcake loose (Yeah)

It goes: one for the trailer park, two for my baby-ma

Three for the tater tots, four if you ate a lot

Five if you came to rock, straight up while I'm shittin' on my comp'

I'm about to use the John (What?) like Grey Poupon (Dijon; woo!)

Money like a scroll, bitch, my paper long (Yeah)

Longer than it takes a blonde to put her makeup on (Yeah)

'Cause me and Elvis gelled together like cellmates (Hey!)

Yeah, this the Jailhouse, bitch, and I don't give a– (What?)