BLACKPINК - Sһut dоwn (speed up)

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  • Размер MP3: 5.34
  • Длительность MP3: 02:19
  • Качество MP3: 44100 Hz, 313 kbps, 16 bit, Stereo
  • Дата релиза: 17-09-2022, 12:47
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Текст песни

You don't wanna be on my bad side, that's right, I'm slidin' through
Bunch of wannabes that wanna be me, me three if I was you
Been around the world, pearls on ya girl, VVS's we invested uh
Need a lesson, see the necklace, see these dresses
We don't buy it, we request it, uh

A rock star, a pop star, but rowdier
Say bye to the paparazzi, get my good side, I'll smile for ya
Know it ain't fair to ya, it's scarin' ya like what now
BLACKPINK in your area, the area been shut downIt's a shutdown